Monday, 1 March 2010

Moving on.

Am trying to get my head back into work mode, but it doesn't want to go there.
I love being at home - I keep busy, I am sewing every day to stockpile project bags, and have ideas buzzing around in my head for two other ranges of bags, one of which I think is pretty unique.
I could happily stay at home all day every day - couldn't we all - and sew, knit, write and spin, and paint.

But back in reality, it's almost time to go back, and I am dreading it.
By the time I became ill, I felt unsafe in my lessons, and tht's something I hve only ever experienced once, in six years of teaching these 'types' of children. Not a good place to be mentally and emotionally.

The job hunt goes on ...
And back in the land of creativity (and mess) this is some of what I have been up to lately.

I enjoyed knitting this - Andrea's Shawl (this still won't link, but the pattern is available to buy from Ravelry).Would have been a two day knit but I had to unpick and reknit all the striped section.
Double knit, on 4.5mm needles, so it flew!

It's meant to have curves along the edges but I prefer points - should be able to wear this tomorrow - it's quite small, but hopefully a good size to tuck into the neckline of my trusty mac.

Will be starting on the matching fingerless mitts tonight, there might just be enough of the pink (I have plenty of the charcoal).
So yes, a definite thumbs up!

And another from my old photos which makes me smile. This plant didn't want to grow last year and looks very sad at the moment, so I might have to try and find some new ones and pot them, because this was glorious all year and smelt lovely.

We had bright sun and blue skies this morning, really lovely - all gone now, replaced by big grey rain clouds. Come on spring, we need you!

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