Monday, 22 March 2010

Not a huge lot to report today.
Had my Occupational Health assessment which was a bit bizarre - I had been warned by a couple of people that they try to put the onus for your illness on to you, so I was prepared - work has made me ill, nothing else and I was ready to stand my ground.
And it almost came to it - she was rather officious and very abrupt, so I sat, said my piece very calmy, looked her in the eye and was ready to ask why she was being so rude.
But after I had described work, and how dangerous it was becoming she changed her tune, and went from one extreme to the other, ending up showing me photos of her ex on her work computer (WHAT??) and photos on her camera of her partner (WHAT AGAIN!!).Most peculiar ...

So that's another box ticked, meeting next week and hopefully part time after Easter. Utter dread, that's me!

Knitting - am playing about with a pattern idea for a bag, I like it (obviously) but am unsure about copyright - if I adapt a particular cabled leaf pattern that I have seen on several things, is that OK? Lordy.

Ideas are bubbling in my feather filled head for another book (equally craptastic as the first), but time, never enough time - what the hell will I do when I am back at work! Argh! Don't they know I want to CRAFT, DAHLINK!

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