Thursday, 25 February 2010

More stuff.

Really yummy colours - hand dyed Wensleydale, sadly I can't remember where from - I have been saving this for a rainy day, and decided to try to prove to myself that I can still spin finely (especially after the overspun nightmare from last week). Much better this time - really lovely to spin with long, fine fibres. Very pleased with the result:

Not as pleased with how it looks plied - I used some grey cashmere that I have on a cone (must be thousands of metres on it)and of course it dulled the colours right down.In hindsight I should have used a purple and really made the colours pop, but it's done and can't be undone. It is drying in the bathroom at the moment, piccies to follow.Not perfect but definitely not a disaster.
Especially from soneone full of snot.

And a couple of piccies to remind me that I have nmot always loathed my job.
The glorious blossom was outside school, in the carpark, and would fill the place with its scent every year. The kids loved the way it blew in the windows, really lovely - not quite so lovely for our cleaner every day!

Tiny Miss W is nice, I like her eyeliner - what more could you ask for, from a couple of teenage boys, excluded from mainstream for violence, who can hardly read or write. Lovely stuff.

And what I think will have to become my mantra, when I return to work. Seriously I don't know how or if I will cope. But such is life ... enjoy!

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