Sunday, 14 March 2010


of things.

This is almost, almost heartbreaking, in a knitty sense.
It is Pocket Watch, a lovely pattern from one of Louisa Harding's yummy books, a fun knit - until I rinsed it prior to blocking.
The black dye ran into the pinks, and has smudged them - the photo doesn't show the true damage, its very noticeable. The wool was from ebay and I am pretty cross about it, to put it mildly.
I think the only thing I can do is wash the sleeves (there's about 3 inches left on the second sleeve,I threw them in a basket out of sight before I was tempted to throw the whole thing out) and hope they run the same way. Then either live with it, or try rinsing with a colour run product ...
Very very annoying.
So I turned to this: again from one of Louisa's books (see, I am on first name terms now), Masquerade from the Cardigans book. The light grey is baby alpaca and is a nightmare to knit as it's so soft and fluffy - but for exactly those reasons, it is also lovely! This is my relaxing knit, as I am also attempting something which for me is really challenging, piccies to follow.

Plenty of spinning going on, I think because it relaxes me (my mind is inescapably on going back to work a lot, not good).The pink is cheviot, which is certainly not next to the skin soft, but because of this rougher texture is a doddle to spin,. I plied it much more tightly (is that's the right description?) than usual, gave it a damned good THWACK and left ity to dry, and it hung wonderfully, much better tension than I ever imagined! Quite a bit left to spin, I should get enough for a short length cardi of some description, maybe with black.

And one day I will find a use for all of these!

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