Sunday, 7 March 2010


New spinny goodness. This is lovely, it came with co-ordinating ribbons and lace and buttons, am looking forward to playing with it all. I also received 2 gorgeous plaits in shades of black, grey and purple to spin at some point fairly soon (ie probably before the return to work).I hope I do them justice ...

From several years ago, this is where I feel the need to be right now. At the seaside, specifically Scarborough, absolutely laden with lovely memories (we went on holiday here every year with my nan, grandad and my aunty, the whole lot of us! Fantastic times).This would be the ideal place for me to find a new job, I would move here in the blink of an eye.
Would make up for a lot to know I could walk along the beach every weekend, heaven.

And also from a few years ago, a nice bit of colour to perk me / you (does anyone still read this? I really have no idea) up.
Hurry up Spring!
Can you tell I haven't taken any recent photos?

Knitting - am almost finished with Pocket Watch, a cardi with hearts on, love it!
And also need to hurry up and finish a test knit celtic knot that's looking good.

But the main thing I want to do, is to actually DO SOMETHING with my craptastic book.
Whether that is going to be self publishing, or what I really don't know, but I do need to get a move on with the patterns for it. I have ideas, oodles of them, but never seemt to get focused enough to work on them properly.
I also have a piece of travel writing to do for a competition that my mum found, again I have jotted down lots of notes but need to get focused enough to write it all up.

It frightens me that I never seem to have time to accomplish anything - and that's when I am off work. Where does the time go??

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