Thursday, 25 March 2010

I wonder...

what I should call this blog?
Sadly - very sadly - I found another one with the same name that is a BNP based one, so not exactly something I want to be associated with.

Yorkshire Pudding?
Not a clue, my brain is mush!

I am trying to finish some knitting / sewing for an angel package I need to get in the post in the next few days - have enjoyed knitting it and now need to do the fun embellishing part.
I also have some goodies to make for an Easter swap I am running on Ravelry, some of the 'things' I need for it came today, and hopefully the rest will be here soon as that also needs posting early next week.
So mum's painting is the main priority (and I am going to go and do an hour or two on it in a minute), then the angel wotsit, then the Easter doodah (all recognised trademarks), and then things for ME.Me me meeeeee.

Ah. And a certain something for my daughter's birthday.My things are going further and further down the list ....

I am enjoying this very much - I found a tiny part that needed changing - or it did in my fussy eyes, I am sure it's absolutely fine without my alteration - this is my relaxing knit, and I am so glad I gave it a go. It's slow going but I think it will be worth it.

No reason for this other than it makes me smile inside.

And this makes me smile both inside and out, and I want one right now!

May your day be filled with squishy pink cake.


Chris said...

Just catching up with the blog entries I say no one reads your blog, well I do, but just lurk around and never post:-) As for your lack of talent, that's rubbish young lady! You are very talented, you write well, you spin,knit and dye well, and your painting is shaping up very well too, I wish I had half your abilities, so don't knock yourself. xxxxx

sulkycat said...

thats extremely kind of you, thank you!