Tuesday, 23 March 2010


to keep some arty crafty goodness going in my life, even though my paintings are not going as planned! I am very out of practise, and it shows.

The dyeing is for knitting a clapotis, definitely not my favourite shawl / scarf, but there is a Clap party at Knit Camp, so I neeed it for then! Looks like we are having a mni clapalong on Ravelry, that should give me the incentive to get on with it. I love the colours of these two skeins, the third not so good and needs redyeing.
I planned on something much more subtle with gradations of colour, but never mind.

Ignore the mess, this is the little still life I set up recently - the painting I started is far too crap to show on here, needs either binning or lots of work (I am trying not to bin anything arty).

This is hopefully going to be for my mum's birthday next week, absolutely loads of work to do on it but I am enjoying it. It is my much loved and very deeply missed nan and grandad. Nothing else to say really. Very special people.

And spinning - the pink cheviot I spun up recently (rough, tough and rather sproingy! very easy to spin but mine is a touch overspun still)actually looks like a REAL ball of wool when wound up!Cheeky blighter, you little chick, hands off my wool!

I do feel that there is a very amateur edge to everything I do - Jill of all trades, mistress of none.It frustrates me.
I try to write, it comes out as bilge.
I write a blog that nobody reads.
Sketches in my diary / journal are rubbish, so is what I write.
Knitting is average, as is my spinning.
Painting - pah!
But I get a lot of pleasure from it when I allow myself to just relax into it, and that's the most important thing.

Relax ...

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