Thursday, 18 March 2010


does it get to Thursday evening so quickly? Eh eh eh?

Sooo... no piccies today, I don't seem to have used my camera much this week which is unusual. Must charge the batteries (of camera and self) and catch up - oh, I DO have a piccie somewhere of the current knitting project, let me look.

This is gorgeous - The Summer Shawl,via Ravelry - this is my challenge for the year, no idea if I will get it finished, and had a bit of a fart on getting it started! But I am now almost finished with the fourth row of roses, and it is lovely. The Kauni Effekt wool is a bit odd, rather rough and tough, but the colour is good and I suppose that's what all the hype is about.

Cheviot, great to spin - not next to skin soft, but very easy to use as it's long and grippy. QAnd cheap!

And this little bundle is most of the spinning I have done lately, I need to start thinking about how to use it all up. Ideas?

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