Friday, 1 January 2010

Happy New Year

And I hope it is going to be a good one for all of us.
Looking back, 2009 certainly wasn't the best of years -nobody died, nobody was seriously ill, nothing disastrous, just not the best of times, and ended with me being off with work related stress, and pondering what to do and where to go next ... time to move on, both for my physical and emotional health I think. Teaching still maybe, but not necessarily, and ideally by the coast somewhere, or in the country. NOT the city. Uh huh.

There were good parts - some great parts - work was fun, until things all changed and went belly up (long story)(ok, not long, just probably dull), had a lot of laughs with the usual bunch of reprobates and ne'er do wells (staff) and as usual, when these children work they REALLY work. Tough getting there, but inspirational when they do.

Had my first flight that I can remember (I was 6 last time, can't remember a thing), and it was bonkers - the tiniest plane, I spent both flights crammed against the window with my camera, grinning like a loon, especially on the return flight when we hit spectacular turbulance - I ended up wearing most of my drink, loved every single second. I could be a pilot! Sod teaching, fly planes!
Went to Orkney for an interview (went to Orkney twice, again a long dull tale), didn't get the job and didn't feel it was quite the right one for me, its been a long time since I taught in a primary school and I felt a touch out of my depth, but had a fabulous time (NOT the second time, that has been consigned to some of the Craptastic Events of 2009).

Rediscovered my sewing mojo, had fun making this for a Christmas Stocking swap on Ravelry, crammed it with 25 goodies of assorted worth, and was lucky enough to receive a fabulous stocking in return, full of beautiful hand crafted loveliness. This was a good swap, one of those where it just all goes right.

And managed to make some knitty things I am not at all shamed of, this was a present for a friend's birthday and I loved it.

This was only a month or so ago, seems like ages - as for the summer, well - I know we had one because I spent plenty of it on the beach soaking up the sun (yes, here, in Yorkshire, we DID have sun!). And I know the bulbs will start sprouting soon, and spring will - er - spring. And then it will be summer, truly it will. But it all seems too far away! It's fairly bright outside today, and the birdies are all clammering as they attack the feeders, but bright sunny days and a bit of warmth that's not from the fire would be nice!

Happy 2010.

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