Tuesday, 5 January 2010

The view from the door (again).

Looks good, but really - snow, we are bored with you now. Begone!

(My garden looks so so manky, I didn't get round to planting any new bulbs in the Autumn (that was the time of Dooooom at work), will have to fill it will colour as soon as the snow vanishes)

This is the latest spinnery - finished this ages ago but only got round to taking piccies today. The one bonus of the snow is that the days have been sunnier than ever!
Quite like this - I ususually spin much finer, but thought I would see if I could manage anything thicker and still consistent, and this is OK - not brilliant, but definitely OK. The white is silk, it was a bugger to spin but it's very soft.
Probably destined to become the striped band (with black) on a http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/candy cardi.

And this is next - merino (I think), hussar silk and hemp, nice pinks.

It's so cold! I thought I had overdone it on the shopping yesterday - Tesco delivery, then a quick wizz round Sainsbury's to get the things I forgot, and I also have a veg box being delivered Thursday. But two things - I started fat club last night (eeeeek) so glad I have oodles of veggies now, and little in the way of chocolate temptation. Plus I woke up to loads of snow, and it hasn't stopped all morning.

Nipped out to feed the birdies, and it's pretty deep out there, so I plan on staying put all day today (am going to curl up with some knitting and a film when I finish this), and I don't have to go out until my course tomorrow evening (but that might not be on if the weather gets any worse).

Hibernation, good plan ... keep warm people!

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