Thursday, 31 December 2009

No piccies at the moment, one of my cameras (my favourite) is poorly, the other (work one) takes pretty crappy photos, not keen on it at all. Will pop mine into a shop and see if they know what's wrong with it, but I suspect it is dead.

Lots of knitting going on, I started Kim Hargreave's Ward on Christmas Day and am aiming to finish it tomorrow, its boooooorrrrrrrring as anything but it's not too far from being finito. And it's good infront of the telly knitting, no brain required.

And a lot of sewing to get on with, had a mini material buying spree with the plan of making up several project bags for etsy - and said material is still sitting on the table. The table that was tidy for one day ...

Mr Parcel Postie has just been with my New Lanark Mill wool, its nice but too many flecks of colour for me to be totally happy, but it should knit up OK, am planning on making Perfect Paula with it (a cabled cardi, wil find out how to add Ravelry links someday!).
But now it is time to slap some lippy on, do something with my hair (any ideas on how to grow out a fringe without getting cross and chopping the lot off anyone??) and brave M&S food hall. Again. I have my eye on their party food / fizz for a tenner offer, all for meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Bye for now, keep warm, keep knitting, you know it makes sense!

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