Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Pondering ...

... what to do. This blog is strange - it isn't very 'me'. I don't write or talk anything like this in reality - nowhere near as sane or as controlled! I babble, I meander down lanes of thought and often forget what the hell I was on about.
I am creative - I knit and sew and paint and make jewellery and I write and and and - there's very little evidence of it on here!

Hmmm ... I am toying with a photo tutorial off and on, a sort of beginner's guide to sewing - I don't want to do video as I loathe hearing my own voice and certainly don't want my ugly mug on screen! And neither do you, take my word for it.

I had planned to keep a journal (sounds rather pretentious doesn't it, journal. A posh diary. With an excuse for forgetting to write in it - 'but it's a journal dahling, not a diary!'). Haven't written a sodding word. I love my nana's old diaries, my mum and I can curl up (with a large lagnifying glass for some of them) and read them back to back, they are wonderful - I would have loved to have been my nan's friend, I bet they had such a giggle!

Maybe tonight I will get my arse into gear and get started ...
Talking of arses - mines too big, And I didn't lose a single solitary pound last week - it was Fat Club weight in night last night and I was gutted. I ignored the box of After Eights and the Pringles and the crisps and only succumbed to the tempting whispers of one Bueno bar all week - for what! Sweet fek all.

So from me and my fat arse, bye for now.


Lupie said...

I am not a writer so when I started my blog I knew it was going to be more about the pictures than the words.
I do enjoy reading your blog.

cranberry said...

jazzypom here. If you're up to it, I'd like to have a basic sewing tutorial, please?