Sunday, 24 January 2010

Wish me well ...

... the bed madness begins. Am about to get dressed (still in jimjams and haven't dried my hair yet) and nip into town, need a new spanner! Have read through the comments on the new bed and it sounds fine, just lots to tighten (all the slats are separately fastened down).

Kerri is due sometime in the afternoon to help with the heavy work, so I had better get a move on, although I don't plan to be out for long. Get this lot out of the way, and then I can crack on with some knitting and sewing, the house is clean and tidyish so the rest of the day is my own.

Knitting - have almost finished Lilith, from an old The Knitter magazine, its a lovely pattern but I am pretty sick of it now and want it finished. Narvik (a Rowan pattern in Cocoon) is currently blocking on the floor, so will get seamed tonight all being well - that's my second cardi of the year.

Sewing - have several box bags to photograph and list on etsy, and then get some more cut out and interfaced tonight ready to sew tomorrow. Piccies to come (sun, would be nice to see a bit of you so I can get some good photos!).

Bye for now, enjoy your weekends whatever you are doing.

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