Saturday, 30 January 2010

the lost post ...

A fairly blurry photo of my slapdash approach to blocking - this is the bodice section (obviously) of the Lilith cardi - the body is finished as are both sleeves, lace and ribbon trims are bought, and since I took this, the bodice has been seamed. So today I aim to get it pretty much sewn together, and then sit and look at it for a week while I decide what to do about the front.

I fancied plain black tape down each side, with buttons on the right side and black poppers on the insides, but I am not convinced it will be strong enough. So it might be a case of picking up stitches and knitting a band, which I didn't really want. Hey ho.

And this - the first successful attempt at knitting in the round, on circular needles - for some reason I have had a lifelong mental block about this, but finally gave it a go.

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