Saturday, 30 January 2010


Had written a post with piccies and everything - and it vanished. The tinternet connection (physically speaking, not the ether itself) is falling apart, time to ring up and get it upgraded to wireless methinks.
Anyway. Will replace that one later. But now - a moan.

Knitcamp. I am going, but only booked two classes due to funding (they aint cheap) and other things, called Knitting Doesn't Rule My Life and I plan on having a holiday!
other reasons.

The thing itself (and it has descended into being a 'thing') is 'organised' by one woman, who shall remain nameless. Novel approach to customer service, that runs along the lines of, and I quote - 'I am the organiser and I make all the rules'. I kid you not.

There will be one knitting supplies shop on camp (it's based in a uni - I am NOT staying on site thank fek) - three guesses whose it is? Am I the only person who finds this fundamentally wrong? The whole event, which is costing people a lot of money, seems centred on self promotion and money making for her, as much of it as she can grab.

Then the issue of kids in classes came up, when somone asked if she could bring her breastfed baby with her into classes. I like kids, I teach kids, but god no, on my holidays I don't want to be anywhere near other people's bloody kids! I am the person who walks miles along the beach to find aq quiet deserted spot. And to me, those who think it's fine to bring them to this sort of a thing, are often the parents who have a rather free and easy approach - ie their kids are little shits and they ignore them.

So after a very weird lot of exchanges, where those who disagreed with babies in classes were made to feel like King Herod, the rule book began to change. From something along the lines of 'Oh no, it would be ridiculous to have kids in class! Would spoil the lessons and tutors wouldn't like it, and no way are we getting CRB checks!' to 'Yes, children can come, no problem!', with many twists and turns and backtracking along the way. And I am not exaggerating.

Pile of crap.
Apparently the cost of booking a stall for Ravelry weekend there is huge, and many of those interested have dropped out, due to it being too close to fibre festivals with LOTS more visitors (ie thousands more), the attitude of this woman, the general disorganisation etc etc. Me? I would like a stall, I think my bags would sell quite well as they are not expensive and are useful, but lordy, is it really worth it?

There, that's that out of the way. Now, time for an hours knitting .... happy weekend everyone.


Ambermoggie, a fragrant soul said...

I thought of going but too expensive and I prefer choice if I am going to purchase things not just from one stand. What ever happened to freedom of choice? Woolfest, Wonderwool much better and far far cheaper.I also very much dislike locked threads and deleted posts

sulkycat said...

It was a bit of a car crash watching the threads - not great - I am really looking forward to a week with my friend, but very glad that we are not booked on too many courses, and can have a proper holiday. I think I will have to make a weekend of one of the better ones next year and book a stall. (your screen name is brilliant!)