Saturday, 16 January 2010


I decided in my limited wisdom to shift all the very heavy furniture in my very tiny bedroom. I loathe my bedroom furniture (IKEA Malm range - very roomy drawers - oo er madam - but I hate modern angular stuff, loathe the bed with a vengeance), absolutely hate it - and by hell it's a sod to shift.
Especially if you are 4ft 11 and not terribly healthy.

Anyway, it rapidly reached that 'can't stop now I can't get out the door and there's nowhere to sit never mind lie down' stage - and then the sodding bed broke.


It is now propped up on one side with a large mount of books, and more books propping up the slats in the middle, it is like being an art student all over again but without the vomit. Or without the singing of hymns up scaffolding in the early hours of the morning, but that's a different tale entirely ...

New bed arrives next Monday, and my daughter is going to help me get this one down the stairs next Sunday, in return I have promised to fill her with food. Meanwhile, I can just about get in my bed and have hoovered half the room - I can't bear another minute of tidying it tonight. I needed food, comfort food - Slimming World skinny chips were nice, but I really really want a bloody great bar of chunky chocolate to bite into.

(new bed is pretty much my dream bed, big white metal Victorian style, lovely)

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