Saturday, 23 January 2010

Where has it gone?

No other reason than I really really like this coat! LOVE THOSE BUTTONS! That's all.

(see below)

The last week, that is - another Saturday and STILL clearing upstairs! Ha! That's what happens when you have a teeny tiny house (or the cottage, as my mum now calls it) and many hobbies. Painting, woodwork, paper crafts, jewellery making, stitch markers, knitting, spinning, sewing - I also want to get a loom but that one will have to wait until I ever get a new job and move.

But finally, upstairs is looking as good as a teeny tiny bedroom and a ridiculously small 'spare' room (ie box room) can get. Am so looking forward to Monday night, so long as the new bed goes together OK ... tomorrow is for bringing the existing crappy bed down and stacking it in the teeny tiny garden (then I neeed to ring and book a couple of collections from the 'bulky waste' folks). Bulky waste ... doesn't bear thinking about does it?

The knitting - I like the headband (that's the purple cabled wotsit above) - I needed a break from the 4 cardies I am knitting (one is finished and needs seaming) (one is almost finished and I am DREADING seaming that one), and needed a cable fix - also trying to get some of the ridiculous mountain of wool upstairs knited up. This did the trick (only half a ball of wool though) - Wendy Mode, which is very cheap but feels soft and shows the cables pretty well, might make Kerri a cabled cowl from the rest. The pattern is free on Ravelry - (don't know how to magic link that so it doesn't have the full text?). Took 3 hours infront of the telly last night, have finished it with a button and loop instead of ties and rather like it.

What else - am increasingly pissed off with a prat of a woman over on Ravelry, to the extent that I rarely post in my favourite group. Silly to let it get to me so much maybe, but she really is a fekwit of the utmost degree, and in reality? No, let's not go there ... A spoiled, greedy, cheap, lazy, selfish winging and moaning baby, pretty much everything I dislike in people, all rolled into one.
There. That's better out than in! Think hapy thoughts and breathe .....

Or eat chocolate until you feel sick. Either will do.

Chocolate. I would love chocolate right now, lots of it - a big fat bar of Galaxy would do fine. But Fat Club is on Monday and I am determined to shift some lard from this rounded body of mine - lost 3.5lbs last week which was great.

And I still haven't written a single word in my journal . diary. Twit.


Cybèle said...

You could try Freecycle for your bed: (may be called Freegle in your area since some Freecycle UK groups broke away from Freecycle USA).

sulkycat said...

thanks - i was going to freecycle/freegle it, but i think the council have links with local hostels etc, so i am asking them to send the bed on to one of those (i love freecycle!)