Sunday, 29 April 2012

In which the cardi of doom is slain.

Finito, one cardi of doom and swearing. It's a beautifully styled and shaped cardi, no denying that at all but it definitely goes down in history as the thing I have least enjoyed knitting PURELY because of the damned chart malarky.

I am glad I stuck with it though and improvised my way through the lace bit and I am really pleased with how it looks - so without any more ado here is the Cardi Of Doom and Much Swearing itself:

The buttons were a lucky find in one of my (many) buttons jars and I really like them against the grey. The thread was in my beloved nana's old thread box which was the loveliest way to finish things off. I don't usually do button holes (too fiddly for sore hands, buttons) amd use press studs, this also means I can use quite large decorative buttons on the outside if I want without worrying about huge buttonholes.

Favourite things about this:
  • neckline, without a doubt - love the shaping, love the way the garter stitch sits pretty neatly
  • the shaping throughout
  • the flared sleeves, hugely flattering for dumpy arms like mine and what I always look for in bought cardies
  • the back waist pattern (even if it drove me to despair) reflected in the v on the sleeve hems
  • the buttons!!
  • the wool, Ethical Twist, andf if I had known it was this lovely I would have bought even more when Kemps were selling it cheaply. This used a fraction under three skeins from a destash on Rav, so cost around a tenner.
Things I dislike - the fekkin chart!!! Not always the clearest of patterns either, mostly fine but a few ambiguities which could throw a non experienced knitter.

As promised, this is my version of the chart.

Travelling Vine row by row, sort of.
Worked over 12 stitches but be aware this count changes at times to 13 so don't panic, it will come back to 12.

k1b = knit one through the back of the loop
p2togb = purl two together through the back of the loop
ssk = slip 2 as if to knit, knit these two together

1)     k2  (yo, k1b, yo, ssk, k5) k2
2)     p6  (p2 tog b, p7) p5
3)     k2  (yo, k1b, yo, k2, ssk, k3) k2
4)     p4  (p2 tog b, p7)
5)     k2  (k1b, yo, k4, ssk, k1, yo) k2
6)     p3  (p2 tog b, p7) p1
7)     k2  (k5, k2tog, yo, k1b, yo) k2
8)     p5  (p2tog, p7) p6
9)     k2  (k3, k2tog, k2, yo, k1b, yo) k2
10)         (p7, p2tog) p4
11)   k2  (yo, k1, k2tog, k4, yo, k1b) k2
12)   p1  (p7, p2tog) p3

When the number of stitches was less than the 'full' row above I started from the amount BEFORE each bracket. I have no idea if this is correct but it kept things balanced and seemed to work out OK!

Lesson learnt from this knit - I AM CRAP AT FOLLOWING A CHART! I can do cables easily, second nature, but there was something about this that my poor old brain absolutely refused to understand. One day I might get my head round it but I ain't holding my breath....

Have already cast on the next cardi, which is my own design and in BRIGHT PIIIIINNNNGGGGGGG!
Perfect for cheering up such a manky wet, cold and grey day - piccies tomorrow all being well.

Toodles x


lilac73 said...

Thanks for the instructions, even DH likes the look of this pattern, he's usually non-committal ;)

sulkycat said...

It's a lovely pattern definitely, and you are very welcome re. the instructions! Hope they make sense if you get round to knitting it.

Ambermoggie, a fragrant soul said...

Absolutely beautiful :)

sulkycat said...

Thank you Amber! Not so bad yourself ;-)

Silversheep said...

That's a lovely cardigan and I think the buttons are fab. I hate charts and much prefer written instructions - maybe it's my age, dear?

memeto12 said...

love the sweater julia, it's beautiful. hope you are feeling good. judy better know as memeto12