Monday, 23 April 2012

The Outside World

There is one! It exists!

I braved outside today - sick to death of being in, and going a bit stir crazy. So orf I pootled, not just to the scary post office but then over the road, got the bus (been so long since I was on a bus that they have changed the whole tickets!) and had a long slow wander round the indoor and outdoor markets.

Easy pleased, that's me - I love markets. The more obscure and old the better - Leeds market is fab, very old in parts and always struggling to keep going. Some bits have been boosted and tidied up, with stands such as a very smart cookery lessons area, a chilled drop your shopping place (chilled as in cold storage, not mellow music and dope).

But I personally have a weakness for the garish bonkers stalls - the Chinese stalls festooned with weird brightly coloured garlands of very fake flowers, the Indian stands with beds covered in huge diamante studs, giant shiny porcelain leopards, that sort of thing - fab! Oh and also outside, the marvellous TOILET ROLL stall, I kid you not - nothing but mountains of loo roll. This is where Mr Marks, of Marks & Spencer fame started out - not with loo roll but at this market.

One day I must take my camera, my daughter and leave the old lady shopping trolley I now need behind because the building is seriously stunning:

Stocked up on PSidney's very favourite food so I now have a very happy piggy, some more plants for the garden (who can resist pansies?) and general bits of tat - oh, and vital things like pink hair dye!

Piccies to come tomorrow, simply too tired today - have slept most of the afternoon, the price to pay for a couple of hours out but worth it.
Knitting to do, finally working on getting one thing out of my mind and into reality. Pattern writing to follow if it works out.

That's about it really, tis raining yet again, grey and gloomy - I think we would all perk up with a bit of sunshine again. Drs tomorrow oh joy, results of scans from the other week.



Tasha said...

Old lady shopping trolley - that's funny. We call ours "the granny cart." But it makes shopping for 3, without a car, work.

lilac73 said...

It's too long since I was in Leeds, need to sort out to get a day out without bairns to look at the markets

Faintheartedfem said...

Think I need to check the markets out when I come over to Leeds - I love markets and that looks fab!

Babalor said...

That market building looks fabulous. If I'm ever in England again I must go to see it in person.