Saturday, 21 April 2012


Remember the entire Knit Camp cock up?
The lies?
The cons?
The unpaid monies?
The visas?
The unpaid tutors?
The cash handed out willy nilly for cancelled classes?
The non-existant sweat shirts?
The 'goody' bags?
The rudeness?
The public sackings?
The deleted posts?
The locked threads?
The mismanagement?
The utter disorganisation?
The magical trip to 'Ireland' ?
The total and utter lack of apologies, the lack of guilt, the total disregard for the damage she has done?
The lies told to Stirling University?
The debts?
The crafty liquidation mysteries?
The bunnies?


Read this:


The 'about me' page is hilarious - especially points 13 and 15.
Spooky how there is no mention of Knit Camp. Or the missing items later sold on Ebay. Or the buttons, what the hell happened to the buttons??? Can buttonist people run for election?

Dear lord.
Yes, same woman.

Utterly deluded, surely? How can ANYONE just go from one thing to another and expect people to simply forget what has gone before? Please tell me this won't go unnoticed, please.

So she thinks she is suitable to be in a position of power, in any degree? This woman is astounding, for all the wrong reasons. Yet time after time people fall for it, fall for the words, the empty promises, the Big I Am. God only knows why.

Working in schools. Blogging merrily away (in several places). Happily living her life, pointing out how much it costs to fill their two cars, mentioning their life in the country blah blah blah. Oh - and opening another online wool shop.
Nuf said.....


cherryred said...

I am utterly speechless . . .

. . .

. . . and that doesn't often happen.

knittingcrone said...

All the way from Canada - I am aghast and gobsmacked! The nerve!!
How can we warn the poor sods that she is a delusional narcissist?

AlisonK said...

Have just found out & was wondering if you had heard! Speechless doesn't really cover it! As for vetting candidates, if you google J W knitting you get all sorts of links to interesting blogs...

sulkycat said...

I share the same initials. I knit. Please please tell me I am not her???????? arrggggggggggh

andrea said...

It's been made private, so I can't read it. Seems strange that someone who wants to be an MP doesn't want people to read her blog. I shall just live in ignorance about her

lila said...

Strange that her blog's gone private ;)

sulkycat said...

She is the Queen of deletion. All hail the Queen!

Anonymous said...

can't see her labor pary thing - say's it's private - could that since i'm in states??? hopefully there are enough of yall to keep this fool from proceeding further, self promoting, and just plain ole lying. u go julia and other teapotters and people with a sense of right and wrong. hope it works!se


Stickmamma said...

I cant read it either. I remember Knit Camp... Lots of looking away when I asked her questions.
Can we hope for no votes? The first time in history?
All the best from a rainy and foggy Sweden

Anonymous said...

The national press would love to hear about this, I'm sure......and a lot of people would love to see it made public. Fancy tipping them off?