Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Many photos ahead, be warned

What can I say - the sun finally came out so I headed outside with the camera! It has rained and rained and rained and - well you get the idea, so some sunlight is just wonderful.
Come on, have a little wander around my garden with me.

This is one side - I live in an incredibly tiny back to back house, so the 'front' garden is the only garden. This is the left as you come out the front door:
There is about another metre past the duck on the stool, where the mini greenhouse lives - told you it was tiny! Every single pot is absolutely bursting with buds and greenery. Sadly I knocked one of the ducks off the stool last week and snapped its neck off! OOPS.
To the right:
As I have said before I tend to layer and layer in each pot, so the most bonkers mix of plants come up! No idea if this is the 'right' thing to do - I tend to believe that the 'right' thing = things grow and look pretty. The ladybird wellies need some seeds in soon, might just pop some nasturtiums in. I love geraniums especially against the blue porcelain pots when they flower (the geraniums not the pots).
My bench is one of the best things I have bought, makes me very happy to sit there and just enjoy the fresh air.
In fron of the bench is a table made by my mate Barry the Boat, the table is just visible here. Not Barry tho', he is presumably on his boat .... I have hung hanging baskets in the tree !

The table is half crammed with pots, moved a few so I have my knitty space. Each side is crammed with more pots - I seem to have the latest blooming daffs and tulips in the country so it should be beautiful in summer when it all flowers.
These are really fat, I think they are the parrot type layered tulips. No idea about colour, pink would be lovely!

I managed to get nice and grubby - do note I wear my (pink) gardening gloves for most gardening but today was just using fresh bags of compost so didn't bother. Knitting needles are most excellent for removing what the nail brush leaves behind.

No sniggering at my stumpy little hands please!

(Burn caused by being a clumsy weak handed clot is healing at last).
These new planters are fab, extremely cheap (£2 ish), drainage hole at the bottom. Half filled it with polystyrene first to save compost and keep it light as possible, this one has a peony tree, an unknown mini shrub, and dianthus which I love. My nan and mum always had dianthus in the garden and the smell is lovely. I have two of these planters, the other is also crammed with all sorts including many lily bulbs.
And last but not least my beloved blossom tree:
Just gorgeous.

Oh - not quite last. I also bought some (cheap) wall hanging planters - the tiny one is up and my daughter is on drilling duty tomorrow to hang the multi tiered one:

Knitting is sort of happening, so tired lately but the cardi of doom is not too far from being finished. Have also been knitting a sleeve for 'the design' - I still feel rather pretentious saying that I am designing even though that is exactly what I am doing!

Enjoy the sun.


andrea said...

Last spring I was visiting Harlow Carr gardens. It's run by The Royal Horticultural Society so I figure they know what they are doing when it comes to plants and things. Every single pot was full to the brim with flowers. Tulips were packed in so tight. I tried to count the tulips in one pot and stopped at 50. They also had other plants in with the flowers. So I think your doing ok with your pots. Your garden might be small but it certainly seems to be working well. Your flowering is much later than ours (over near Harrogate) as all our daffs have died now.

Anonymous said...

Simply lovely! I'm in love with your garden and enjoy your pixs. :-) papiokc

sulkycat said...

Thank you both - 50 tulips in a pot, that's fabulous!