Saturday, 5 May 2012

Glowing Orb.

There is one today, I swear, in the sky. The BLUE sky.
It feels like it has rained every day for weeks, but today is the first bright sunny day in ages - sadly it is also bloody cold. Frost is forecast for the next few nights so the plants I bought the other day can stay inside for a few more days.
I love Wilkinsons for plants, pretty much all of my garden is from there and about 90% of the bulbs etc flower. I also like it when everything gets reduced because my slightly eclectic approach to gardening means I just bung the bulbs in anyway - if they flower that's great, if not then they usually show their little flowery faces the following year.

I finally have daffs - well the little tete a tete, no sign of 'real' daffs at all this year.

The daffs will probably decide to flower in November or something daft. But these little cheeky chaps are lovely, especially in the pots with the forget me nots peeping through. I hate yellow and blue as a decor combination, but in a garden - lovely.
The Tulips of Wonder are just beginning to open too - have had  alook at them this morning and no, not fully open yet. The pinks and greens together are just beautiful:

Great big fat tulip heads and layers of petals, can you tell how much I love these? Pink and green is one of my favourite colour combinations ever, perfect.

Knitting is happening - I have half a pattern written so if anyone feels the need for half a cardi / bolero then I am your woman. Hopefully I will get the first one finished this weekend, seaming and the edging to do at the moment, then finish the pattern ready for wonderful friends who have offered to test knit for me.

This is it so far:
Ping! Wonderful glorious PING!! (pink)

I am also knitting a Speshul Thing for a Speshul Person. I don't think I am giving away too much if I post a photo:
Using up some old handspun merino / silk, which is lovely but one of my earlier attempts and pretty uneven. Watch this space ...

The teeny tiny Meccican Hat Plants I potted up the other week are growing nicely and seem to be rooted - hopefully some sunlight through the window will help them shoot up a bit.

This lumpy swollen thing is how my poor hands have looked all week, I seem to have knuckles to rival a prize boxer. Attractive eh.

On a lighter note - here's Grommit and his Jubilee sewing.
How can anyone not smile at Grommit?
And look how hard he worked!
Wonder if I can teach PSidney to sew?
Enjoy the weekend!

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Alison said...

Your flowers are so pretty, wish I had your green fingers xx