Sunday, 22 April 2012


Oh cardi of doom, despair and many swear words - GOTCHA.

Was on the verge of giving up and unpicking the whole thing after cocking it up yet again - never have I had such a struggle to understand a pattern.
But it seemed such a shame - as I say I really like the shaping and general style of the cardi, and as I am almost finished I decided to give it one last go.

And lo - and indeed behold- I found a very easy to understand WRITTEN version of the chart, things clicked, and I am firing, for now, on all cylinders.

Will add the link tomorrow / next post and some progress piccies. Am aiming to get the lace part of the sleeve done tonight and then only have the second front to do. Phew.

As for the Queen of Deletion and Disorganisation - plenty of hoohah going on in Twitter land, understandably a LOT of very annoyed  and incredulous people. Won't say much more as I really do not want this blog to be taken over by her fantasism again, but lordy what a fekkin pillock she is!

Homeland for me now and more knitting. It's pissing down outside as it seems to have done since the DROUGHT word was first mentioned.

Oooh - before I go, as an antidote to political farces everywhere:

Barbie aged 40.

and Aintree 2012 - fact and fiction with ne'er a blur.

Toodles x

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