Sunday, 8 April 2012

Alphabetti Spaghetti

As you can tell, my attempt to stick to the alphabet blogging thingy failed miserably after one day.

Right - a quick catch up - Tuesday was manky scans day (suspected fibroids) - not nice. The (lovely) nurse couldn't see much but I won't know anything definite until I speak to or see my Dr sometime next week. Twas pretty damned exhausting but that's one 'orrible job out of the way.

Wednesday was also exhausting but in a much nicer way - mum came through to collect me and take me back on the next train to stay for a few days. Yes, my lovely mum came on the train, met me and went straight back on the next train with me!
Do you remember Mr Snuggles?
He came to stay some time ago, as he was in rather desperate need of new legs. Well he went with me to mums, so he could visit the fabric shop and choose his own legs - not everyone gets to do such a thing!

It's been a year since I was at mums, and I haven't been on a train (or for a day out) since last July. Wobbly legs, sore bits and exhaustion all combine to make me a bit of a liability outside!!
Anyway, we had a decent journey, fruit salad and straight to sleep. The idea was that I would do absolutely NOTHING and  that's pretty much how it turned out!

I took the gang with me - Daphne has her own rather speshul seat now courtesy of her friends Daisy and Rosie.
Not only a seat, but a rug and a rather lovely throw - Daffers is a penguin with a life of luxury (and depravity).
Mr Snuggles and Keef enjoyed the sun - I suspect everyone was secretly hoping that the sunshine might melt away enough of Keef to make him less trouble, but it didn't happen (thankfully, I happen to love Keef just the way he is).

Thursday was spent at hospital again, this time in Northallerton - very very strange to be back there, I had my daughter there, had many x-rays for various broken wrists, bumps and bruises etc. It seemed absolutely tiny (partly that old memory thing and partly in comparison to hospitals here which tend to be on the huge side). Lovely consultant, had x-rays of my crunchy knee prior to deciding whether it's worth operating on to remove the broken cartilage, or to leave it alone for now. I have to go to Middlesbrough next for an MRI scan on it (I am one of the very few folk I know to be actively looking forward to this, I love the scanner!).

Then we went for abnormally large ice creams, then took Mr Snuggles leg shopping.
No revealing what he chose just yet but let's just say he is a rabbit of good taste.
Friday I came back, and have slept a lot since! (Ironically not at night, awful night on Friday with my bloody knee).

Knitting wise - the fab shawl is finished and blocking - this is one of the most enjoyable knits I have done recently.
The pattern is faberge from Ravelry. The cast on is awful, 445 stitches, then a very long monotonous beginning (the ruffle section) which seemed to take forever.
The braided edges are fun, I love braided knitting, and the middle section is just wonderful to knit - it is SO easy yet looks so impressive!

The braided edge separates each section.
I used some Skein Queen Desire dk (the pink) I have had for ages, and some King Cole Galaxy for the black contrast, which is covered in tiny sequins.
Ignore the general crap on the floor, and the weird angle (had to turn the photo upside down and it makes me seasick now!).

So it's been a busy, mostly lovely productive week - I now have the fidgets because I don't know what to cast on next, I might dig out this bag:
from last summer and see if I can do some more on it without getting bored.

Enjoy the Easter break.

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