Monday, 2 April 2012

A Bee

and tomorrow might just be cee.

Saw a link to an alphabet blogging thingyummyjig and quite liked the idea.

Liked it so much I forgot to blog yesterday when it started.

So - on behalf of the letter A that should have been done yesterday:

Oh yes - that old thing.

Walking into rooms and having no idea why.
Putting the phone down and forgetting who or what you were just talking to / about.
Writing a shopping list and leaving it on the table.
And many many more.

Putting the phone in the fridge. Spraying your hair with furniture polish instead of hairspray. Any more to add? I bet you have.

I would add more but of course I have forgotten them ;-)

So - onto the second letter.

. Which I suspect is one of the most popular choices for this letter. No originality whatsoever, that's me!
So - why do you blog? Is there a limit to what you blog about, do you have a very specific theme or subject? Do you vet comments or delete them? Do you ever regret what you have written and go back to edit it?
How do you see your blog - an online diary, a resource for others, a record of your art or daily life in pictures?

I think the pictures, visual side if important - it is to me anyway, An online blog makes a visual record easy - much easier (if less tangible and lasting) than say a scrapbook. No printing out photographs, handwriting everything. But does that make it lazy maybe, the easy option?

Yes I think so - I wish I had the dedication to sit down each day and make the time and the space to do a lovely hand made page - but I know I don't. I know how I work - charge in all fired up, make lots of promises to myself - then a  week or so later realise it's all gone.
But somehow my online blog works for me - it's a record of my creativity (for what it is), recently a record of my illness (and if that helps anyone else going through similar then all the better) and simply somewhere to jot ideas.

Nothing deep, nothing too personal. Light, simple, easy. It works for me.

Yes I would like more out of it - I look at other blogs and thinks I could do that, I can take pictures, I can make things, all of that. Blog envy, I have had it. But for now this will do.

And along those lines, here is my 'usual' blog entry.

Knitting - the skelly cardi is almost done - needs tidying up, buttons and a better ribbon, also some skull ribbon that I have ordered, to line the neck. But I like it - it turned out longer than planned to include all the ribs but I think over a black dress it could be quite cute.

What would I change?
The length - oo er - and maybe more fitted.
I like the skull on the back. Love the bow.
Crappy phot, I pinned the front and realised it was totally lopsided AFTER the piccies.
In future I think I would leave out the hipbones and just do the ribs, then the length issues would also work.
Love the sleeves.
I like the neckline, it should look pretty good with the ribbon lining. Unsure about the armhole shaping, will have a better look at photos of it being worn.

But for a self designed cardi? Yes, pretty pleased!


Stickmamma said...

Change nothing! Do you hear me? It is fantastic! I love your cardigan. Is it your own pattern?

Silversheep said...

Love the cardi! Want a test knitter when you write it up?