Thursday, 29 September 2011

A Mishmash.

Most important part of this post - a massive THANK YOU for the replies,both on here and via Ravelry. I really needed to off load a bit about the health issues but didn't want it to come across as a woe is me, pity me post. Instead, I have had nothing but excellent advice (a timer? Why on earth didn't I think of a timer? Genius idea!) and kindness, and it helps enormously.

As a small thank you could the people who commented on my last post, there are five of you, contact me either through Ravelry (sulkycat there too) or my email ( remove that in a few days) because I have a little summat to send each of you.

And no, don't panic, it isn't Keef. Talking of Keef - he and Daffers are loving the weather.
I am a tad concerned that Keef may end up being half the (snow)man he once was if he stays in the heat too long.

Another big THANK YOU to the fabulous staff at Chapel Allerton Hospital. My usual RA appointments there so far have all been excellent, but on Tuesday my scans seriously impressed me - not the actual scans you understand, but the whole set up.
I had a call on Monday to double check that the appointment time was OK with me, to confirm transport had been booked, and to check whether or not I required a wheelchair.

My transport arrived promptly, lovely driver, but the biggest surprise was when we went to the main reception and the lady at the desk said 'Is it Julie? We are expecting you and have a porter ready with a chair as it's a long walk.'

WOW! I didn't even mind being called Julie ...

Upstairs (after being told off by the porter at every door we came to - 'Put your hands down and stop trying to help with the door! Stop!') in the rather nice LMBRU building the receptionist again did the 'Julie? You don't have long to wait, the porter will take you back again afterwards' thing.
Either I have gained a reputation or they are extremely orgainised!
I quite like the thought of the former ;-)

And the scanning itself -VERY WARM GEL. What a superb idea for scanning (ie prodding and manhandling) sore arthritic joints. Subloodyperb. She also talked me through everything she did (bones of my wrists relatively OK still, many cysts and tendonitis, knees OKish, both feet fooked up) (recognised medical term - madam, your footsies are totally fooked up) and I have the same scans done at six monthly intervals. She also chatted about my medication, especially the meths. Whilst waiting for my taxi home one of the RA nurses was passing, she stopped to hug me and chat for a minute.

I have never used a wheelchair since I gave birth and found it rather hard to relinquish control to the porter but blimey, what a difference - my leggies weren't agony by the time I got home. Thank you hospital folk, you are wonderful.

Everyone enjoying this weather? Bonkers isn't it! I nipped to the corner shop to grab several copies of the local paper as my daughter is in it today, and hobbling home it was so odd to see trees and shrubs laden with red berries, trees dropping crisp autumnal leaves - and the sun blazing down. I have thoroughly enjoyed sitting in the garden having a knit / read / slobbing session.

Knitting is happening and some rather exciting secret stuff is happening too.
I highly recommend the KnitPro cubics needles, squared and lightweight, MUCH easier on sore hands.

Pretty too.

Considering how crap things are in general, the last few days have really cheered me up - and I haven't even mentioned the GINORMOUS box that arrived the other day, more of that tomorrow, or the GINORMOUS parcel that arrived too!

Enjoy the sunshine x


Stitched Together said...

Oooo Ginormous boxes - how exciting!

Carola said...

It's kind of lovely to see a story about how hospital staff are doing something right. More often than not I hear such sad stories about how ill treated people are when dealing with health care. At least that's a blessing in your trying times.