Sunday, 9 October 2011


Seems like ages since I posted on here. The last week has been hard, not at all well and rather fed up with the whole carry on, have hardly left the house. And the house is a damned mess!

Last Saturday I finally made it to Knit Group at the mills down the hill - have been trying to get there for ages. Very lovely group of people who made me at home straight away, lots of laughter, chat and some knitting (most of which I had to unpick when I got home, which I suspect is the norm with chatty knitting groups).

Really perked me up to be with nice folk and then to have a wander outside and get some air - it was the last of the fabulous heatwave we had (seems so long ago now!).

The photos are very much point and shoot as I was waiting for my taxi home but they do give an idea of how pretty this area can be. I think lots of berries are supposed to be a sign of a harsh winter ahead, in which case we are in trouble!

Happy birdies though.

Since Saturday it pretty much went downhill fast - I slept for a couple of hours when I got home, had blood tests at the Drs on the Monday and spent the rest of the week in pain, exhausted and generally feeling unwell.
So no knitting group yesterday sadly. Last night was meths injection night which never bodes well and today is the first time in years that I didn't get up to watch the early Grand Prix.

Dreams dreams dreams, I am so sick of them. I don't mean one or two, but constant dreams every night and every single time I have a kip during the day. I have started jotting them down as the hospital were concerned about them last month, I read last night's lot to my mum and she said she didn't know whether to laugh or cry.
Washing hundreds of towels for Ashley and Laurel from Emmerdale? What the hell's that about - and as for me going to fight in Vietnam, then being in an archery contest with arrows that looked like cocktail umbrellas - and that's just a tiny fraction of last night's insanity.

More pretty pictures needed I think.
Spot the apples! This tree was absolutely laden with HUGE apples - I didn't think to hit some off with my stick until I got home, twit that I am.

Crafting wise some has been happening - have finished 'something' for a swap that was posted last week, but the more exciting thing is some Secret Test Knitting that I am thrilled to be involved in.
I also have some sewing to unleash when I get some decent piccies - we seem to have no daylight at the moment, yesterday was grim and today equally so but minus the gale force winds.

Ah - the ginormous mystery box that arrived a while ago - here it is with a real snowman for size:

Being a twit I didn't get a photo when the flowers were in their full glory, this was taken when they were just past their best.

There were over 30 HUGE stems of glads in pinks, white and lilac.
Friends are fabulous.

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