Saturday, 3 September 2011

In Between ...

sleeping, I have been doing a bit of that old knitting thing.

I am pretty much making this up as I go, with a vague idea of what I am aiming for.

Deep wide ribbing, cables galore, leaves and trees on the back - this took three goes to get right, mostly because I seem utterly incapable of knowing my right from my wrong side. And Eco Wool does NOT like being unpicked.

I have just about managed to get the cables to flow from the ribbing and am loving knitting it - cables are my absolute favourite thing to knit.
And the Eco Wool always looks great with cabling - floofy maybe, but it has that natural sheepy look and feel. Lovely.
I keep rifling through various cable pattern books but think I have settled on the ones I like for this - might even make myself something similar too if this works out.

For once I am actually doing instead of talking / thinking about doing. And you know what?

It feels good.

Now if only I could actually stay awake .....

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