Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Wrong on Wednesday. Again.

Hark at me eh - actually posting a Wrong on Wednesday ON Wednesday and not several days later.

Right - things that are just plain wrong.

Yellow knickers.
Brown knickers.
Both for pretty obvious and similar reasons.

THESE are about as wrong as it gets and this one is a prime example of WRONG -
I just don't get it. I don't feel the need to disguise my ironing board or my hoover as - er - a black mama. With a hen. And a bag of rice. Or as anything. Come on, own up - does anyone actually own one of these things? Truly? I will send you a present if you can prove you own one. Two presents if it includes a hen.

I think ages ago I covered crocheted oven door dresses and the why oh why. It's one scary leap from crochet dolls dresses to hide loo roll (ohmigodthegerms!!!!) and I DON'T UNDERSTAND IT!!!
And relax.

Obviously for every wrong there needs to be a right.

Hell yes, very right. Have seen quite a few average and less than average reviews- of the film I hasten to add - but somehow I think I might just have to go and find out for myself ;-)
Although from the neck up he really does look a bit of a doylem. Maybe OK  from the forehead to half way down the nose is OK too. But the rest - that facial hair malarky - hahahahahhahahahaaaaaaaaaaaa!!

More right needed methinks to maintain the right / wrong balance.

Go on, admit it - utterly right.

Have a decent day - I am heading out to brave the joys of the windy city (that's Leeds in autumn, it's rainy and blowing a gale out there) as PSidney has eaten all his favourite food and isulking at the offerings I have tried to tempt him with.

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