Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Hello you - yes you!

How the dickens is one?

(I suspect I may be overtired, just go with it)

Not much of any worth happening here - tired, achy, tired, queasy. But mentally quite chirpy and in the mood for making things. So far I seem to have made a mess and not much else but what the hell.

I unpicked the cabled cardi back to the ribbing, redrafted it and started again - so far it seems a) less bunchy uppy and b) less destined to fit someone three times the size of my daughter. I have things that really need finishing asap and am going to have to force myself to put this one down for a while - there's something incredibly soothing about cables, I love them (I do them WITH a cable needle as part of what I like is the motion of the cable needle).

No piccies yet, will take them tomorrow if we get any daylight.
We seem to have gone straight to November here -

variations on a theme of this, and it's deffo getting chilly. Thank gawd for electric blankets. I hate being cold, a skiiiiiiing type holiday would be my idea of hell. Knitters the world over can be nice and smug (and snug) come winter when they have piles of throws and layers of yummy warm knits to swaddle themselves in.

Health-wise this is the sort of thing my house is full of. I could set up my own mini Boots, or make a bit of dosh loitering at the school gates. That's only about half of what I get delivered - and I now have a big tub of calcium and vitamin D3 to add (HUGE things, they would be impossible to swallow unless one was a shire horse. They are chewable, will brave one tonight).

I think this is rather rude to us cripples:


PSidney continues to be a delight - he has a new 'trick' which consists of squishing his little face against the bars of his cage every time I come out of the kitchen, all white fur and cute mouth and nose, then he wimpers gently as if to say 'food? me? food for me? yes?'

A bit like this but much more pitiful.
I hasten to add this is AFTER he has been fed. And had fresh veg. And a nibble treat.
I love PSidney.


Vivianne said...

If you don't mind me asking, what are you taking the Amitriptyline for ? I had some a while back and thought it was nasty ...:-(

sulkycat said...

hi - I don't mind at all. It is to try and help the painkillers work (apparently it makes some work more effectively) and also to help me sleep. The hospital told me to up it to 3 a night (plus sleeping tablet, tramadol and the other tablets).
Something in the mix is making me very bloaty fat, and something is causing horrendous dreams.

Vivianne said...

Yes, my doctor gave it me as a sedative: I found myself nodding off if I sat down/still LOL. My sister takes Tramadol she says it makes her itch :-(