Saturday, 30 April 2011

A mixed bag.

That's how I feel - a totally mixed bag.
My head is buzzing with ideas of the creative variety - knitting, sewing, painting, all sorts.

But putting them into action - nope.
MW + RA + depression = utter lethargy.
Utter lethargy + knowing I have lots of time = feeling I should be doing something constructive with it.

Hey ho.
I am struggling with how immense the changes to my life are - for one I certainly did not expect to be walking with a stick! Albeit a very nice stick.
Pretty eh?
But still a stick.
And heaven help us all I have ended up with a shopping trolley! Not quite one of those square tartanesque ones that little old ladies use to ram their way to the best things in shops, mine is small and pink / black zerbra stripes (subtle eh) but still a flippin' shopping trolley. Yes it definitely helps with the heavy stuff my wrists simply cannot manage but I do feel self conscious (this coming from someone with tattoos and pink hair).

Le sigh.

You know things are getting pretty dire when making faces with some of ones tablets livens the day up!

Anyway. Enough of that for now (but probably much more to come, I need to get it all out somewhere).

I have a copy of this winging its way towards me

I bought a few kits and patterns after Christmas but my initial surge of enthusiasm waned when I realised how poor my fine motor skills had become. But I love the blurb for this about table / tea cloths with poisonous flowers all over!

Knitting wise - front and one sleeve of Sheer finished.

And slowly but surely chipping away at Spriteling, which I am enjoying but my brain is all over the place or half asleep, not enough happy medium to settle to more than a couple of rows at a time.

I like this, the wool is a soft Posh one which I thought might me lacking the crispness needed for this pattern but I really like how it's working out so far. I think this is the first time I have bothered with a lifeline because I am pretty sure if I cock it up I wont have the perseverance to restart it ....

Hope you are having a good weekend, enjoy the sun!


Puddytat purr said...

My collapsable stick is the same as yours, a few years ago I found an awesome black wood stick with a dragon head for a handle, I love it!

My shopping trolley (I can't even carry an empty handbag!) looks like it was made from a purple cow!

Rebecca said...

you crack me up though i'm sorry to laugh given the subject matter
but omg about "feeling selfconscouis" coming from someone with "pink hair and tats"
you have such a way of putting things!
i think you have done great picking out snazzy accessories to make your life easier! you go girl!