Thursday, 21 April 2011

Knit knit knit knit knit knit.

I have done some of that knitting thing lately, huzzah!
AND have even finished something.
AND have even worn it!

It's all very hit and miss, depending on how these podgy little hands of mine are. But I finished this, Percy by Louisa Harding and was able to wear it to hospital on Monday.

I enjoyed knitting this - very quick, very straightforward - the only thing of note was I used one 4mm and one 4.5mm needle for the lace pattern to make it easier to knit through the back of the loops each time. Or purl them, I can't remember off hand ...

Sirdar Balmoral which I love using - a bit warm for the fabulous 20C+ weather we have had lately but I think it will get a fair bit of wear through spring.

I am going to change the buttons to some of my antique ones, maybe silver - the irony is that my fingers are too sore most days to do them up anyway.

Well, not what I was expecting!

I ended up there for two hours, very little of that was waiting time - what I thought was going to be a consultation became very thorough scans of my hands, blood tests galore, Xrays of my chest, hands, knees and feet and then joy of joys, a steroid injection in my bum.
Apparently my hands are full of cysts, tendonitis in every finger and wrist, fluid galore and 'something' in the bones of my right hand. The radiographer (who looked about 13) commented that my knee 'crunched' under her hand - reassuring to know I wasn't imagining it. The consultant (how I wish he could have spoken better English, it was a struggle for both of us - and he had never heard the term ME which was a bit of a worry) thinks I have early rheumatism in all my joints and I go back in 7 weeks time.

I was VERY glad to have my lovely mum with me - I am a stubbornly independent little soul but all the fiddling about, prodding, needles, going from pillar to post and then having to undress and dress again pretty much finished me off.

Then I had my hair cut on Tuesday (poor planning by me I think, I was shattered!) and must say it's the best cut I have ever had. I am going back tomorrow afternoon to have it dyed - BRIGHT RED (they don't have pink), a treat from my lovely Aunt to perk me up a bit.

What else?
More knitting!

I got the fab new Kim Hargreaves book this week, and started knitting a long baggy v backed jumper straight away, should be handy for our eccentric British summer. I loathe knitting with cotton but even I know a big jumper in wool isn't too wise - so hedged my bets and bought some cheap and cheerful black and silver cotton mix from Ice. 2 days from Turkey to Yorkshire and just over a tenner, can't complain!

Tis slow going - splitty, but surprisingly soft for my fingers. Plus the silver perks it up wonderfully.
I am this far into it:

and rather pleased so far.

At the other extreme I have started knitting a lace hooded cardi, bought the pattern as soon as it came out and have been putting it off for ages because it's lace - ah, the insanity of knitters ....

It's a struggle, so the cotton is getting more attention at the moment.

I have arty plans too, but that's for another day.

How are you?


CraftyCripple said...

What is the pattern you are going to make with your lace. That yarn looks delicious. I am definitely going to buy yarn from Ice at some point. Next time I find a pattern I MUST make that I don't have the yarn for, I'm going there because the prices are amazing.

sulkycat said...

hellooooo - its the bayshore cardigan on rav - i tried to leave a message on your blog but can't get it to work for me, just wanted to say get well soon!

all the best people have had laparoscopies lately ;-)