Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Another day ...

and thankfully tis a sunny one. It was slightly ironic - and not a surprise - that my comfy garden chair was delivered yesterday - when it was raining!

I also got some decent plastic crates - why yes they DO have pink lids, how did you guess? - for my wool. The same wool I carefully packaged up into cardboard boxes a few months ago ...
But these should keep the dreaded moths out.

Utterly skint at the mo but will get some more when I have some dosh.

The hair is now VERY red with a touch of pink, I do declare tis magenta:

I had a whopping amount chopped off it but it was in such tatty condition I had expected that - very pleased and will be going back. Staff and general feel of the salon were great and the price, even for Leeds centre was reasonable. So yes, I am very pleased.
If you want to know, it was at Headlines in The Light (near Esporta gym).

Not much going on at the moment as I am swallowed up by a pretty grim attack of the doom and glooms.

These are all available as part of an ongoing clearout, they are in my 'trade or sell' section on Ravelry but feel free to give me a shout here if you want anything!

I need the space, need the mental tidiness and to be totally honest I also need the cash!
Oh, these too:

I am far too lethargic at the moment, probably a combination of feeling terribly down, very fed up with the way life has changed over the past 18 or so months and being in pain, but I will be getting the SulkyCat online shops restocked soon. I have some new bags cut out - I had several requests for slightly larger bags to hold jumper - sized projects, so I hope you will like what I am working on.

I also have some rather different bags and am working on a range of baby / toddler outfits (doesn't that sound pompous!) Oh, and I am about to take the leap into the unknown and ask for test knitters for my first 'proper' pattern asap. Weirdly - when I was sewing for a living and had a website I didn't hesitate to describe myself as a designer and promoted my work shamelessly, but now I am hesitant.

Self confidence, it's a very fragile thing.

My mum said the other day 'You are not 'someone pottering about in a tiny house', you should think of yourself as 'an artist who lives in a little cottage'. I love it! I think we had been watching the same thing on telly with some daft bat who said she was an artist.
So I am a magenta haired artist residing in an old cottage by the canal. Ha!


Vivianne said...

I like your Mum - she's proper. Hope you feel less gloomy soon xx

Rebecca said...

"an artist who lives in a little cottage'"
she's hit it head on
any of that stuff you're saling off still available?.