Saturday, 16 April 2011

There's something in my garden ...

and it's a tad too chunky to be a fairy.

Daphne is very impressed that I have - ahem - grown flowers inspired by her colouring. I was half hoping she would vanish into them but she started climbing 'Very Large Trees'

because she is 'Brave'.
Yes Daphne.
Very brave.

The stumpy thing (no not my leg) in the garden that I suspect is planning to be a peony when it grows up is now looking like this:

and courtesy of bird poo I suspect, I now have a couple of these which have self propagated.
I am happy to leave them in situ for now, and of course they will provide more 'Very Large Tree' practise for Daffers.

Yesterday was a bad day, bad enough to miss my daughter's birthday lunch and I spent the day on the settee under a throw sleeping, taking painkillers and sleeping. Today is a bit better, Mr Sainsbob's due soon with shopping and I think my poor handy pandies will be able to do some knitting later on - I have a cardi that is almost finished that I would like to wear when I go to the RA hospital on Monday. There's something comforting about a bit of 'own knitting' in times of stress isn't there?

PSidney continues to delight, He has my attitude to life - eat, make some noise, sleep. We also have the same sized bum, ie large. And the same size legs, ie stumpy.
He has a glossier coat than me though.

My poor mop of hair is decidedly the worse for wear - it got so horrendously knotted the other week that I had to CUT THEM OUT. So it is now long, faded pink and has short bits scattered through it.
Le sigh.
I am getting it cut on Tuesday so hopefully it will be better after that.
I loathe it when hairdressers have this mad need to dry it poker straight and glossy, my face is waaaaay too fat for that to work and it just goes flumph as soon as I walk outside.
At the moment it mostly looks like this:

I have a biggish birthday coming up too, yikes.

Enjoy the weekend folks, hope you are all hale and hearty.
Or frail and farty.
Or any combination of the above.
This post has been brought to you by the colour pink.


CraftyCripple said...

I took some knitting with me to my hospital appointment this week. I was very smug as I sat with my huge bag of supplies as everyone else fought over the tiny pile of papers. I had actually read the letter that said to expect to be there for 2 - 4 hours. I knew most of that would be spent in the waiting area - and I was right.

Wearing a hand knit will definitely make you feel comforted too.

Hope the appointment goes well.

The Foggy Knitter said...

You are very beautiful and don't let anyone (including yourself) say otherwise xxx

Sulky Fan from Australia said...

What wrinkles? I saw pair of lovely big blue eyes. Hope all goes well at the hosp and you feel better soon.

maisiemouse said...

What wrinkles??
Love the hair.