Tuesday, 3 May 2011

And there's me thinking I knew her so well!

My sister's birthday is soon (so is mine!) (45!! how the HELL did that happen? Old fart) and I asked my daughter to choose from a selection of critters for me to knit. Simple enough.

Then Kez pointed to the one in the middle - a big footed bunny wabbit - and said she would choose that if it was for her - now bearing in mind the poor girl had spent all of Sunday afternoon decorating my bathroom and then gutting the garden for me to save my poor hands how could I possibly resist?

So I dug out an assortment of lovelies - grey angora, brown bunny coloured wools, all sorts. I know she loves greys and browns.

I texted and asked which she liked the most - the reply?


OK. If my 24 year old wants a poiple bunny then a poiple bunny she shall have.

So I dutifully dug out some lovely deep vibrant purples and asked which she preferred (mobile phone piccies, wonderful) - the reply?

The light purple on the end please.


Three guesses who has spent most of today knitting various parts of a lilac wabbit ....

The arm looks like some alien phallus.
Just saying.

I was about to add a photo to liven this post up so I googled 'purple rabbit'.
Three guesses what came up .... it was like a trip to a cheap sex shop ;-)

(sulky exits blog land giggling like a twit)

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