Wednesday, 6 April 2011


there hasn't been much of it the last few days but it is forecast to be very warm and lovely for the rest of the week.
Things in the Teeny Tiny Garden of Delights are looking good despite the mini greenhouse blowing over the other day and smashing several planters.

This is now looking like this:
and there is this:

and this:

and a bit of this:

and this which will hopefully flower soon:

So for a Teeny Tiny Garden it's doing pretty well.

Health - utter pants! My Dr rang yesterday to say my tests had come back positive for rheumatoid arthritis, then I had a call again ten minutes later to say they had an appointment for me at the arthritis clinic at hospital in two weeks time.
So yesterday was weird to say the least - I am VERY pleased that they have found a reason for all this pain (and some days it reduces me to tears because it's so bad) but I am still shellshocked that it's pretty serious.

I also got an appointment for the ME hospital next week.

Last night is one of the first times that it really hit me that I will not be able to return to work in the near future - even though I knew that deep down it goes against a lifelong work ethic.

Hey ho. It scares me that it is April already and I seem to have achieved NOTHING. Do I need to be achieving 'things' at all? I don't know.

Anyway, my sense of humour is mostly still intact and my fabulous friends online - who I now class as genuine friends (have met some and definitely plan to meet many more this year) keep me as sane as I can be ;-)

Knitting and sewing (and any type of crafty goodness) is a bit sporadic due to the pain in my hands and wrists but thank goodness for it being there when I need it.

How are you?
Enjoy the sun if you get some today.
Big MWAH from me x


CraftyCripple said...

It's crap that you have RA, however it is good that you now know that is what is wrong. Having a diagnosis is a really important step. Now they can treat you and I hear that there are pretty good drugs for this condition these days. Well that's what I heard on Now that lady has lived with this condition a LOOOOONG time, and knows of what she speaks.

I know that tried doing some papercrafting when she had pain in her wrists and hands and has made some lovely cards.

I'm really pleased you have an appointment so soon, and that you can finally get the help you need.

Oh and nice shots of the garden by the way!

Kotaatok said...

Oh Crap not another diagnosis. But as another wonky I agree it is better to have a diagnosis cause you can get on with developing strategies to improve your quality of life.

I hope the RA clinic get you referral to occi health and the local pain clinic. They may even get you a mental health referral for counselling to help you to start to come to terms with the new life / identity you have now. It is funny how many of us identify ourselves by hard full time work. It took me years to reconcile this - still am.

Also have a look out if there is a local RA group who you can talk to and get ideas for dealing with specific issues.

Love the photos and know we know that Sulky can do this with her wit and vibe on life.

Anonymous said...

Great blog. Sorry about diagnosis. Hope treatment helps

Rebecca said...

"Do I need to be achieving 'things' at all?"
well, do you need to be? why would you feel you need to be? i think taking care of yourself and all the energy that it takes to do so (getting up and out to different appts, paper work, mental and emotional energy spent on it) is already quite an achievememnt!
biggest hugs!