Friday, 29 April 2011

Wedding Report

This is sulky reporting from the wedding of - er - some woman who has never done a days work in her life and some waster with big teeth.

Am I excited by it? Nope.
Will I be watching it? Hell yes.

I love the long long queue of folk going into the Abbey - wonderful assortment of vile outfits and naff hats. One very lovely peacock blue outfit, some classy dresses in shades of beige (yes they don't stand out much but deffo the classier option). And by heck David Lord of Beckingham looks rather dapper.

One word of advice - DON'T TAKE BLOODY PHOTOS AS YOU ARE ENTERING THE ABBEY YOU TWIT! Yes, one woman seemed to think that aiming her camera / phone at everything that moved was the classy thing to do.

In my ever so 'umble (ha!) opinion the Abbey is stunning and doesn't need the silly trees and greenery (£50,000 worth apparently), seems rather arrogant to think one can improve on it. I assume that was a Middleton idea?

Well, that's as good as I get with this bonkers carry on - I cannot bear Phillip Scofield and most of the other presenters, arrggghhh, but I eill be watching it and tutting and muttering in the manner of all grumpy cynics.
I suspect the majority of people have become MUCH more cynical about royal weddings after the whole Diana malarky. Plus I am tired and tired = grumpy. Meany, that's me (but you knew that anyway ;-)  ).

Daphne is in the hotel putting the finishing touches to the dress.

Enjoy if you are watching it (even if you are joining me in tut corner), enjoy if you are just making the most of a day off, and enjoy if you are at work as normal.

pee ess
why is Harry wearing all the Queen's tie backs? He looks just like his father that boy. Nowt like Charles ;-)

If I am not seen again I have been beheaded ...

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CraftyCripple said...

I know what you mean. I like looking at all the outfits and got sucked into watching the whole thing. Mind you Um a sucker for a wedding! Next I'm off to a get together at a friends house to "celebrate" the nuptials - in other words using our free day off to full advantage drinking beer and stuffing our faces.