Wednesday, 13 April 2011


Oui c'est moi.
I can only type when my poor fingeroonies let me, and today is definitely better than yesterday (which was a bitch of a day painwise and had me in tears) tis a chance to update here a little bit.
Not that there is much to add as life is rather sloooooow at the moment - but I am getting used to it.

I had an appointment at the ME hospital on Monday which although not what I expected was useful. There isn't a huge lot they can do until I see the rheumatology hospital folk next Monday really so I am in limbo until then and living on painkillers. Last night was a good night - sleeping tablets, painkillers, the lot and they worked, bliss! A good snooze makes up for a lot, and makes the pain that bit more bearable. I also spent today inside doing little - BUT have started a painting for the living room so that's a huge step in the right direction - who cares if it's a good painting or not, tis the fact I am able to even gather the energy to open a tube of pain that counts!

The sun has gorn, gorn it has - but the Tree of Glory and Wonder is stunning again this year.

This is the sweetest scented blossom ever, I love this tree. Makes a hell of a mess when it drops but what the hell.
I also love my toe nails - took me three days to do them because of the pain in fingers and feet but by ek (Yorkshire as she is spoke) I do love them! Gloriously unsubtle.
I like my little chubbers, I love the excuse to be in sandals for the foreseeable future even if it pours down (which it looks like it's about to do out there, it's gone verrrry dark. Tis either rain or the apocalypse).

I am also spending a lot of time with little PSidney with the Big Fat Bum. I love Sid.

Bright he is not.
Cuddly he is.

What else? I am knitting as and when, a lovely little Louisa Harding cardi from one of her recent booklets - I think tis called Percy (and cannot be bothered to look for it and check). It's to go with a simple little dress I made last week

which although embarrassingly quick and easy to make looks rather lovely and flattering on. I am trying to build a summer wardrobe that works when my fingers do not! Simple slip on shift type dresses to go with leggings and cropped cardies, and I am planning a couple of empire line floaty maxi dresses too.
Ah, I also have ideas for knitwear design, 3 different types (not 3 patterns, 3 sorts / themes) . I need to be doing something once they get the RA sorted pain-wise or my brain is going to stagnate.

I don't know - I do think there's a market for all of them but my self confidence is a tad wobbly. We will see - I ran the vaguest of concepts by a couple of friends and they seemed to think it was viable too ...

Talking of friends and talking of sewing.
One rather wonderful friend is getting wed and Daphne has decided she is not only designing the dress but is wedding planner extraordinaire.
She's going with a Big Fat Gypsy Wedding theme crossed with Liberace and Vanessa Feltz.


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Me said...

Good to hear/read from you. Loving the toes. Hoping for more better days for you. Look at Daphne- I take it she's invited?! x