Monday, 12 July 2010


Isn't this just great material?
My last batch of fabric arrived this morning, after this little lot is sewn up I am stopping buying for the craft fair, and will focus on sewing for meeeeeeee.
I am delighted with it though - I love this pants print, am equally pleased with the British attractions one, and also love the sheepsies one.
Pretty much all are cut out now, I have some heavy interfacing ordered, and am taking a break from interfacing the linings. I am almost, almost at the point where I never want to see another box bag again - I am aiming to have all 100 finished by the end of this week....then it's the needle rolls to start.
Le sigh.

I started these little fellows spur of the monent, and really enjoy stitching them - there's something very soothing about a bit of hand sewing. I am aiming at 50 of these ... we will see.

You may have seen these lovely 'womens' creative spaces' books and blogs, where willowy arty types who are incredibly successful and wealthy show off their beautiful, calm, organised and spacious studios. A bit like this:

(sorry, I don't know whose it is so can't add a credit or link).My workspace is pretty much identical - brace yourself:
Twin rooms.
I kid you not - this was taken about an hour ago and is absolutely what my living room table looks like - somewhere under that lot is my nice white painted pine table. I keep tidying it - and it gets back to this as soon as I turn my back.
Dear lord, help me please - the only way I can see this ever getting tidied properly is when I get most of it sewn up - help.
This is the state of 'next to me on the settee':
Bag fronts and linings all cut out, needing to be pinned together with zips in - that's tonights job, infront of whatever dross is on the telly. Chocolate essential.
The book? Great title - The Strangely Beautiful Tale of Percy Parker. Total tripe, written with far farrrr too many adjectives and flowery phrases - but strangely enjoyable. No brain required, just a good bit of fun.
And this blurry beauty is slowly but surely growing - one front and one sleeve done, it's a relaxing easy piece of knitting, I just don't seem to make enough time for it, It's what, 7.10pm and I have done no sewing, no knitting, nothing much today.

Anyone want to tidy my table?


Susie said...

My workspace looks like that as well. Also just to let you know I tagged you on my blog x

sulkycat said...

thank you, thats very kind!
and very reassuring to know i am not alone with this sort of (creative)mess

Absinthe Fairy said...

I am so with you on the room thing, you see those photos and you wonder who on earth could create in such a sterile environment - your space looks much more real.

Rebecca said...

lol!!! lvoe the creative energy ;D
lvoe the material and love that sleeve - cant wait to see the rest