Thursday, 29 July 2010

Getting there!

50 sets, 5 in a set - yes, that's 250 stitch markers all packaged up and finished.
I am rather pleased with them, but lordy I am SO nervous about what other people will think.

I am going to leave them alone for the day, then go back through every single one of them tomorrow and double check them.
But that's the first lot of 'stuff' that I have finished.
Next job for this afternoon will be sewing ties and beads on 20 needle rolls, then giving them all a damned good iron ready to attach labels and package them up.

Soooo much still to do.....

I haven't eaten or knowingly consumed any gluten for quite a while now, and definitely feel better for it. But this morning I went wild and had this for brekkie (I wish I had put a spoon next to it for size, it's teenytiny!).
Tangy lemon cheesecake - yes, crushed biscuits in the base, but what the hell, it's worth it just this once.

Cheesecake for brekkie, bliss!


Fashion for Aliens said...

That's my new stitch markers, the gorgeous blue ones in the bottom row. I've used one of them already and they are fantastic, just the rigt amount of weight to stay on the needles and no snagging. Many thanks ma'am and may I remind you of my idea for semi-precious stones, or diamonds and rubies for your next trip to Scotland. Angelabdc x

sulkycat said...

hehe, i love the idea of diamond and ruby stitch markers! thank you for the kind words, i am SO glad you like the markers!

belledujour said...

These, your stitch markers, are so lovely....