Monday, 26 July 2010

Je suis une fekkin idiot.

A tale of tin openers.
I had one, an old rather grotty looking one, but it worked brilliantly and the only person likely to drop down with botulism and galloping trost would be me. Anway, it died completely the other day - I don't use tin openers very often, but remembered to pick up one when I was in the pound shop, because I am extravagant like that.
Brought it home, tried it, and tried it, and tried it - did it work, did it shite.
It looked like part of it was missing along the side, there was nothing to grab the tin and I just couldn't figure it out, so shoved it into the kitchen door of rattly doom.

Today I bought another one at Great Expense, a whole £5.
Brought it home, tried it and tried it and tried it - did it work, did it shite.
I ended up with the packaging, determined not to be beaten by twlo damned can openers.

Je suis une fekkin idiot.
I was holding the whole thing wrong, and hadn't opened the handle out.
Yes. It dawned on me probably as it is dawning on you - the pound shop opener.
It doesn't have a piece missing. It actually has a rather cunning handle bit that you OPEN OUT. If you have a brain, of course.
My next Pointless Pound Shop Purchase was this.
A cupboard for keys.
Very pretty. Except I only have one door to this house, it being a back to back terrace, and I don't drive.
So I have a whole one key.

On a less useless note this is the pile of sewing from last week, and the reason for my (very) painful swollen wrists (thankfully much better now). 20 needle rolls, and the same almost in lined bags - I am very pleased with all of them, but becoming increasingly worried about the amount I still have to make and the fact I only have 2 weeks ... I have taken a stitch markers break to write this, then back to it. Minimal knitting, and no sewing for me still because I need to get through all this - argh!

I just hope people actually like it at Knit Camp and buy it or I will be absolutely gutted.

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resa said...

That is a crazy massive pile of sewing. No wonder your poor wrists hurt so much.

I also don't have any sort of key collection, but I still have a key cupboard. I use it to store necklaces as I have quite a few of those.