Monday, 19 July 2010

An award! For me!

Oh I know, you must get them all the time - but it's the first time I have had one so I am thrilled !

So - what I have to do now is this:

Thank the blogger who bestowed you with the award.
With pleasure - thank you uselessbeauty! I love the post on your blog about the Race for Life, and commented how special it is.

Sum up your blogging experience, philosophy and motivation in five (5) words.
Sporadic. Cathartic. Creative. Eclectic. Discipline.
The last is very true for me - I tried to keep a diary this year, then tried to keep an art journal - not a cvhance. But this, even when I miss days or weeks at a time is one that I do return to, and I think (hope) it is beginning to be more 'me' in tone, less stilted.

Nominate 10 deserving bloggers
Crikey, the ones I read go on and on in number!
Here goes:


In other news - well, it's too damned dark to take photos (where is the sun? it came out for the day and vanished again at about 5pm, we have had all the muggy heat but none of the sun for ages!) but knitting is going on, not much though because it's too bloody hot to knit with kidsilk.
Lots and lots of sewing, bags galore, needle rolls which I am really pleased with, more and more and more bags. Plus I finally got round to cutting out a dress for ME - might even get it sewn soon ...


Rebecca said...

Yeah you! A dress for you - cant wait to see it (tomorrow ;) )

Darren said...

Well done and thank you for the mention! :D