Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Ten on Tuesday

10 Things to Bring on a Camping Trip.

Anyone who knows me, and those who know me online, will be grinning at this one. The timing is perfect - on dear old Ravelry we (we being some of the British Knitters gang) are planning to do the West Highland Way next year, a 95 mile walk spread over 7 or 8 days.
The subject of tents came up - NO WAY!

So, without repeating all of that very funny and often surreal discussion, here goes - my 10 things to bring on a camping trip:

1)  hot running water and a private bathroom
2) a bed - note, not the air variety - a real bed
3) duvet, bit fluffy pillows and very good quality bedding, ideally from Laura Ashley
4) electricity
5) something to sit on that is not the ground nor of the folding variety
6) food - not from a tin, not heated over a fire, not burnt, not eaten with a plastic fork from a plastic plate or covered with flies
7) walls, floor and ceiling - of the permanent variety and a door that locks
8) clothing, toiletries, hair dryer, tooth brush and tooth paste, fluffy towels, changes of clothes, slippers, all thats ort of thing
9) a variety of books, knitting, my laptop, sketch book and pencils, more books and my beloved camera
10) nope, i think that just about sums it up!

Shallow? Moi?
I love the great outdoors and am really looking forward to this proposed hike - and to the many many practise walks I am going to have to do between now and then because I am seriously out of condition. I love taking ym camera out and about with me, I would rather read than watch telly - but a tent? No thanks - tried it once, in Wales, in beautiful surroundings - and it rained so much that we ended up transferring everything to the van at 2am before it all floated away never to be seen again.

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