Thursday, 13 September 2012


So tired! Certainly - and thankfully - a bit better than yesterday. Had double sleeping tabs last night which worked, by bedtime my eyes belonged to a week old sparrow and my head was in another county somewhere. Horrid, really horrid dreams but slept.

Have spent today snoozing on the settee and watching some laptop telly - really enjoyed The Scapegoat. Have eaten a handful of gluten free pretzels and some strawberries (thanks mum, mum dropped off a load of gluten free nibbles and some fruit for me yesterday), a couple of glasses of water and thats it.

I ordered myself this lovely pattern, something to work on as and when my hands are up to it - not my usual thing at all but I really like it (obviously, or it would be pretty pointless buying it):

It's from PosieGetsCosie (blog), I think either on cream or grey, with plenty of pinks and greens in the stitchery - I have loads of threads upstairs and possibly some fabric that would work.

I am currently knitting away on this fabulous dress:
which I absolutely love, but by hell it's slow going. 4 ply, black, and as I don't like using circulars i is all crammed onto one straight at the mo, I think I am onto around 400 stitches and it's a squish! I am convinced I will snap the needle if I squish too many more on ...

So far I am onto the top down yoke and maybe 10 rows from dividing for the sleeves, which will speed things up a bit. I have been pretty much focusing on this lately, but think it will become a 'few rows a night' knit while I work on some faster moving things as well.

I have this beastly thing to finish off-
beautiful isn't it ? Would I recommend it - not a cat in hell's chance. Worst pattern ever, riddled with mistakes, some of which are just plain lazy. No idea if it will fit or be wearable but am onto joining the crochet bits together readyt o sew on, then it's done. Bloody thing - it's so annoying when a pattern turns out to be so poorly written, it's supposed to be relaxing to knit, not infuriating.

Might even get round to taking piccies tomorrow - have been so disheartned with the above jacket and things in general I haven't kept up with photographing projects as I go.
I have finished two more blocks for the throw I am knitting myself, and joined the first rowof four, and love it so far so that's something I really should get piccies of.

It's getting so chilly here I also need to knit faster, I think it's going to be needed soon!

That's it for now, but will leave you with two things that have made me grin over the last few days, enjoy.

 and I must have one of these:


Ami said...

They all look gawgus:D

Sweet Camden Lass said...

All of those are so lovely! I want to make them all too...

Cara said...

Where's the hook from? It's gorgeous - I want one too.

memeto12 said...

dammit, i can't get this comment thing to work. tried to leave u one yesterday letting you know that u always, and i mean alway make me laugh. i so appreciate a sense of humor. i'm jealous of your projects - make me drool!