Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Burp.and possibly Parp too.

Was supposed to be at the hospital today for scans and the usual RA nurse, Dr, consultant, bloods session but had a rubbish night and a dashing to the loo morning so gave up and cancelled. Don't think I have ever had to cancel a hospital appointment because of illness before, more than a tad ironic.

The hospital rang me later this morning when I was in bed and told me no meths injections for a few weeks to see if it's that making me ill, but also said it could be some sort of flu etc as it came on so hard and so fast. Whatever it is I don't like it and don't want it and wish it would pack it's spotty hanky, tie it on a stick and sod off.

To me, being able to sit upright isn't 'real' flu - dear lord is it man flu???         !     

Have taken double dose of slepy tabs tonight as I seriously need a decent amount of sleep, kneesies and other parts are not at all happy today. Am also bloody freezing cold. Kerri tucked a throw over my knees earlier so that's it, it's official - I am ancient.

Keef dug out his favourite teefs to cheer me up, bless his little cold heart.

The windmills make me smile every time, I make no secret of being mostly about 6 years old.

But this picture worries me and fills me with the dread of what is to come - avert your eyesies if easily upset.


                                                                         UH OH
It REALLY HAS GONE HASN'T IT, that elusive summer thing. I think there was a week in March, a day in April, a week in May when it was very hot and then these last few days have been lovely. I have freckles to prove it.

We. Are. Doomed.

But may I leave you with something magnifico I managed to make before I was clobbered with the plague this week - I hope it wasn't the cause of the plague!

I come from a  family of fantastic Yorkshire Pud makers, and many of us have photos to prove it - when you have to move the shelf down to accommodate ones pud it's a good sign.
Dearest readers, may I ever so umbly present:

me pud



gemma said...

Hey chick
That looks good, was thre roast beef and gravy to go with?

Sweet Camden Lass said...

That's an awesome pud. I'm hungry now. And it's only 9.30am.