Saturday, 1 September 2012


I am so cold! Currently snuggled into my dressing gown, on top of my clothes, and socks. Brrrrrrr.

Firstly a quick word about why I am now moderating comments - a certain silly person seems to think I am perfectly fit for work and that I need reporting to the DWP for pulling a con, and has been sending increasingly bizarre messages. Obviously I would much rather be living on the breadline rather than back in my beloved career where I eared a pretty decent wage ... They don't bother me in the slightest but are not the sort of thing anyone else needs to read, hence moderating them.

Moving on.

Health isn't brilliant. I started on the methotrexate injections again two weeks ago, have done two of them at home and although I am not at all happy about putting that damned yellow poison into my system I do hope it will do some good this time round. Last time they increased the dose every week to get me to the maximum asap and I was pretty ill with it, so this time it is a 10ml dose for the next few weeks then up very slowly and carefully monitored.

I have plenty of anti-emetics for the side effects and the name of another to ask for at the drs if needed. I stayed home from Thursday to Thursday this last week, seemed to be one thing after another (upset tum, exhaustion, horrendous nights etc). It's just a case of taking each day as it comes.

Several times I have eaten a plate of beige.
As innocuous as possible (the cheese scones are home made, gluten free and not too bad at all).

Not a huge lot of craftiness has been happening. I had the most fabulous weekend in the Lakes, surrounded by loving, genuine, kind people. Couldn't have been any better.

I am plodding through a jacket I have loved since seeing the pattern on Ravelry but it has to be the most poorly written pattern ever. Riddled with mistakes, even down to mixing up the left and right. I am determined to finish it but am pretty much making it up as I go now.

Piccies to come unless I set fire to it / throw it to the wolves.

I bought this recently, there are a couple of dresses and a nice top I hope to make at some point.

I also bought the pattern for this rather lovely dress:
Spotted on Roobedoo's blog, the pattern is from here:
I spotted some nice black (what else) silky fabric on the market, will pop back next week maybe and get it. I think a couple of these will be very handy for the winter, especially as they just pull on over the head so no tricky zips or buttons for sore fingers to cope with. I quite fancy a polka dot version too ...

The garden is doing OK despite this sort of 'summer' weather:

(fir cone, not floating poo)
There was a lightning strike a couple of miles down from here during this storm, it blew up a tree!

But my beloved plants have done their funky thing. My favourite at the moment is this wonderful hydrangea which goes from an acid green to pure white and then to pink tinges.

Highly recommend. I just spotted it in the new Autumn catalogue from Sarah Raven here: hydrangea-paniculata-limelight. Not cheap (I got this one when it was on offer) but so pretty.

Right, that's about it for today. I hope anyone reading is well.
Happy weekend.


Stitched Together said...

So sorry you have been having trouble with an idiot who has no knowledge of your condition or how it affects you. Hope you cope ok with the increasing doses and you get some improvement because of it.

gemma said...

Always great to see a post pop up in my reader. Soldier on dear friend