Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Dyeing. In a nice way.

This is what's happening chez Sulks at the moment:

pink carnage.

Sometimes I find it hard to believe I have been dyeing my hair for a zillion years - when I STILL manage to make a mess like this:

The grouting over the bath has a definite pinkish glow to it after nine years living here ;-)

I am struggling lately with this pink hair lark - am I waaaay too old to get away with it? One day I might like to meet some blokie, but suspect (ok, am 99% certain) that the pink hair will be a definite put off for many a man. The colour it was at a certain woolly event recently was way too garish for me, but I left it too late to cover it up or try and wash it out a bit.

I don't know - to go darker or lighter? I am blonde under this lot, quite fair blonde but look godawful with bleached white hair. It looks vile black and when my roots come through it looks like my hair is floating on my head, not the best look I have ever managed.

Took a break to rinse the dye out - it looks like it's a damned good match for my bathroom walls which is novel and not the intention! Wilkes fuchsia, rather lovely and very deep. Richer in reality than in this piccy.
Great for walls - hair? Hmmmm....
Have slapped a deep conditioning treatment on, and a facepack - I look stunning.

Being an old fart, I remember when hairdye was incredibly hard to get hold of, especially where I lived - train to York or Darlington to find any. Toyah had her makeup and hair range out in the early 80s (yes I am old) but it was cheap and nasty - even then I knew it was cheap and nasty! As for gel etc - one cheapo type in a tub, one strong type of spray - sugar and water, hairdryer, hairspray = excellent mohican but chased by wasps most sunny days.

Bleached hair then food colouring worked quite well, I had pink streaks when I was 13 and haven't looked back since! I think it's been every colour under the sun, the day I moved to York to go to art college I shaved the sides off and dyed it bright blue, gave my landlady the shock of her life when I came back downstairs.
I got married with it in a green and red mohican thing, with full blown Toyah flames makeup - subtle eh.

But now - let's just say it is rather a long time since I was 13. Or at college. I am feeling very fat (thank you medication and lack of mobility), frumpy, stuck in a rut and OLD. There is definitely one reason for this - apart from the hard to ignore fact that all are TRUE - having lusty thoughts about someone who is younger than one's daughter is a wake up call!

Can you tell I am a bit off kilter with all the rambling?
Thursday is Methotrexate day and I have been feeling as sick as a dog since last weeks injection. Really bad today, yuk - hospital tomorrow for the usual scans then the consultant so have a list of alternative anti-emetics to discuss with them. Throw in a pretty dire stomach upset (also I suspect due to the meths), a very painful neck, flare ups in knees and right hand and you have a pretty miserable Sulkycat.

Thank goodness for my luvverly family and friends, seriously needed at the moment to keep my little pink head above water.

Moan over for now.

On a lighter note - after the evil little red beetles attacked my beloved lilies earlier this year I threw most of the plants away - I left one, stripped all the leaves from it and left it to it. I am thrilled to see it has done this:

Absolutely beautiful - my very favourite flower. Tis the little things that matter and this little thing has made me incredibly happy today.

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