Tuesday, 18 September 2012

The Sulky Cat

The original and best.

Someone on Etsy - and Twitter - has started using the name sulky cat, sometimes with and sometimes without the word 'creations' or 'creates' attached.

This merely made me raise an eyebrow at first - but I am increasingly annoyed by it.

Without going into too many details, I have been on Etsy for years, this shop started a few months ago.
She says she checked the name first - as I pointed out, if you Google it the first few entries are mine .It isn't rocket science.

She says I must not discuss it on Ravelry again, and not to contact her except through a solicitor as my messages via Etsy are 'harsh words' - I can assure you that they are not, they are professional and polite.

If it was me, and someone pointed out I had 'inadvertently' used an established name, I would change it in a heartbeat - party from embarrassment, but mainly because surely the whole point is to have an individual, ideally unique name? I have been sulkycat in various places for many years - online for well over ten, on Ravelry since 2007, Etsy since 2009, on sewing labels all over the world (almost literally) for many years - the fact I do not sell much lately due to illness is neither here nor there, it is an established part of my online persona.
The name has been used at craft fairs for years, I have banners, business cards, the whole drum kit n caboodle. What a farce!

So I want to make it clear - the other 'sulkycat/creates/creations' is NOT me and has absolutely nothing to do with me.

If anyone can advise me regarding intellectual property infringement I would be very grateful, thank you - either via comments (which are moderated so if need be nobody else need read it) or via Rav.

Thanks for reading,
the original


Vivianne said...

Ouch. I agree with you - she should find another name. I hope you can get this sorted out :-(

Anonymous said...

I hope you've reported her to Etsy themselves and get some redress. Sadly it is all too easy for people to piggy back on the hard work others have put in. I really don't think she's in any position to tell you not talk about it on Ravelry or anywhere in fact!
If I search for sulkycat on Etsy, it goes straight to her page now which is very infuriating when I forget the "the" that I need for your Etsy page.