Tuesday, 25 September 2012


I hope everyone is safe, and that the floods are keeping away - it looks seriously nasty on the news and my mum's garden is under water. We have agreed that it's not worth her trying to travel here tomorrow for my hospital appointments (she always comes through because she is the best mum ever), most of the trains etc are struggling to run.

So it looks like it will be my luvverly daughter picking me up on the way to the hospital - I have strict orders to feed her!

Health- not brilliant, but thankfully not the worst it has been. The neckpain and backpain seem to have made friends with my kneesies and hands, and are taking it in turns to play up and keep me away, as are the horrendous nightmares (which I suspect are linked to starting Amitrippy pills again). Hey ho.

But I have - slowly - very sloooooowly - been managing to Make Things. Or at least start to Make Things.

Go on, you may laugh - let's just say this is going in the bin and I am starting again when I get an embroidery hoop, different fabric and some sort of knowledge of what I am supposed to be doing. It looks like it was stitched by a gang of monkeys high on bath salts. Blind monkeys. With no arms.
Dearie me - in my defence, yer 'onour, I have never ever attempted anything like this before.
And looking at it maybe I never should ....

But the silly thing - I LOVED every second of it! Which is why I want to start again and try and do it properly, and have a good look online first to gather any tips. Chain stitch - fine, backstitch - fine. Satin stitch? SHOCKING.

Thankfully not everything I am making is this dire - the gorgeous dress of delights is coming on well, the body is finished and is languishing while I finish a cardi for my daughter (that makes it sound like she is a toddler!).
Considering it is in 4ply this flew - nice easy knitting, very relaxing on an evening infront of the telly, I really like how the shoulders have worked out -

and I think the squared neckline will be nice on. Maybe a touch too high for me but I am sure I can work something out there.
I have done about 8 crochet thingies, so only (ha) 72 to go .....
I was going to make the underskirt in cerise, but think it might be better in black with a bright pink petticoat underneath. No idea where I would wear it as I don't exactly have a wild social life but it makes me smile.

Aprt from this little lot, and the cardi (to be put away for Christmas so I am bound to lose it), I have been reading (which is totally dependent on my brain) - currently reading The Night Circus, and also Some Kind of Fairy Tale - quite enjoying both.

It's weird where the time goes - not long ago I was grateful for any time spare at the end of a working day, when planning, marking etc was finished - but now, when I pretty much have all day every day spare, I don't seem to get much done at all.

I know I am at home BECAUSE I am ill, and BECAUSE I am ill I therefore cannot do much etc etc etc , one long mad circle, but still it's a strange thing to think a day has gone past and I have achieved so little. I know I need to adjust what I class as 'achieving' now but it's changing the habits of a working lifetime and not easy.
For example - a normal day in The Old Life would have been leaving home at 7.15am, walks, buses, then a pretty strenuous (mentally and physically depending on how many restraints with the kids), usually stressful day, then staff meetings, then walks, buses, then the gym and a swim, then shopping - then another bus and sometimes home at around 7pm+. And I loved it.

Now I feel chuffed if I manage to hoover, or have a bath, or as today - pull a pair of tights on and lace my shoes!

Doesn't quite compare does it.

And I cannot even do crewel work! Buggerit!

That's about it, hospital tomorrow - early, for scans then to see the consultant and the RA nurse etc etc. Usually knockes me sideways, so 'going to the hospital' will be my achievement for the day!

Hope all's well.


Cate said...


Just want to wish you Good luck at the hospital tomorrow!

I love your blog and your humour. I'm sorry you have to go through the c**p of RA, etc. Hope they get on top of it soon for you. You always raise a smile here, so thank you for that!

Keep well(er)!


sulkycat said...

Thank you so much Cate

cate09 said...

Different Cate here echoing the other Cate's comments and reflecting on 'the old life' vs. your new normal and how I can relate [OA/spinal stenosis/blah/blah/blah]. I'm reminded of your fellow Briton/knitting legend's quote: "Knit on, with confidence and hope, through all crises." Or something similarly Churchill-esque -- even though somedays I can barely manage garter stitch, EZ's words remind me to keep on - one stitch at a time. It sounds like you're kicking A** and taking names. You rock. And you are not alone.