Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Trippy pills.

My Dr agrees that I seem to have all the symptoms of Fibromyalgia, as well as the ME and the RA etc etc etc. Joy.

Although it's a depressing addition, it certainly explains a hell of a lot of the things that don't quite fit with the RA - plus I have had a dreadfully painful neck, both sides, for ages now. Anyway, she topped up my usual tablets, added in amitriptyline and stronger anti-emetics and I started them last night.
Slept like a baby, apart from some bizarreness involving Romney and Obama, I know not why - BUT today I have been so spaced out and zombified! Not totally unpleasant until the shakes started - I think the amitrip didn't like something I am already taking, so will have to experiment until it's more workable.

Apart from that -
Whilst sorting through the horros of upstairs, I dug out a dress I must have cut out a year ago. I still like the pattern and the fabric is lovely, so was chuffed to bits - cutting things out is the hard part with sore hands. Have started sewing it, done the back, and need to mark all the pleats at the front neckline - other than that it's a very fast, simple job - a day's work if I had thought to mark everything in advance.
Should be nice with tights and boots and a cardi for Autumn. Could even work for over Winter if I find a nice knit fabric.

I also dug out this:
which is destined to become part of a 40s / 50s style dress. The skulls are a slightly odd colour, a creamy peachy shade which I wasn't too keen on but it has grown on me and not as in yer face as pure white.
I love sewing - have left my machine set up on the table as I cannot lift it out every time I want to sew, and might get my daughter to help me cut things out so I have plenty of things ready to sew.

Knitting-wise, the dress of madness is coming on nicely - the bodice only needs about another inch or two then the sleeves. The skirt - yikes! For some reasons I had imagined it needing maybe 20 crochet motifs but 80+ - arrrggghhhhhhhhh! Erm - so far I have done 4....

Good job I don't mind moths (well I do mind if they are scoffing my wool, but I don't loathe them like I do buggerflies) - this whopper was perfectly happy in the living room the other day.
I like moths - I like the dustiness, the colours, the furry fuzzy bodies and the general chunkiness of them - there is something earthy about them. Buggerflies - shudder, I cannot stand them!

And to finish with, after all the furore on the news about Kate Middleton being naive enough to whip her kit off (this does tend to be a technological age with long range lenses etc - surely there are plenty of places to sunbathe topless othere than a country where Diana, Charles, Fergie have all been papped - not at once cos that would be puke-inducing). How many of you have actually had a peep online at the naughty pics?

Ah yes - you at the back, thought you would!

But for those who have resisted, would you like a sneak peek at Kate's tit?

Here ya go:




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